Buying or renting a home

Still Green has to offer value-for-money to those who hope to become residents, either as owner-occupants or tenants.  In broad terms, we have taken ‘good value-for-money’ to mean that members can buy or rent at not more than the local market (or affordable) rates for properties of a comparable size – and receive in addition the benefits of  high sustainability (bringing very low utility bills),  the chance to join in design of the homes and neighbourhood, the use of shared facilities, and the character of the neighbourhood, offering enhanced support and security.

Still Green expects to have one, two and three-bedroom flats, and three and four bedroom houses.

For those seeking to buy a unit, this means that what they can expect will depend mainly on what they can afford, or wish to spend, given the price of similarly-sized units in the locality.  In the locality currently under consideration and at prices current at April 2016, the price for a two-bedroom flat of 80m² might cost about £240,000.   The calculation is based on a sales price of c. £3,000/m².  Members are required to provide loans to get the scheme underway, more details of which can be discussed when seeking membership.

These costs are for building level AECB Silver sustainable homes, including land and a contribution to the common house and garden and the expected infrastructure levy (currently about £20,000 per unit) which MK Council requires from new-build properties in order to pay for the public infrastructure.

The costs can be seen as indicating the mid-point of a range (say plus or minus 15%).  By opting for an apartment, terrace or semi, one would pay less, or gain a larger living space.

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