Shared Spaces

Cohousing shared facilities

We see a common house with facilities for meeting and eating together, storage and gardens as essential. Eating together is a great contributor to social cohesion. And consensual decision making requires space for all residents to be included in discussions.

IMG_0028Sharing meals and facilities encourages and supports (but does not require) members to help each other by meeting socially to encourage friendship and mutual support, by knowing our neighbours and living nearby to friends who can help us when we need it.

The common house and garden would be funded initially by a charge on the overall cost of each of the units, and these facilities would require a modest service charge for running costs and maintenance.

We hope to provide facilities that will be of wider benefit. Examples include guest rooms and office  space/practice rooms.

shared spacesSome of these are only likely to be affordable if spare capacity is sold on externally.  For example,  family and other visitors will more often want to use guest rooms on week-ends and  in the holidays; the rest of the time the rooms could provide the basis for a B&B  business. The attraction for Still Green members would be having such facilities right on their doorstep and available at reasonable rates. All such facilities are only possibilities for consideration at this stage and a great deal will depend on the site chosen.  Clearly, though, such facilities would need to be funded on a different basis, and in a way that did not complicate or jeopardise the core project.