Senior Cohousing

Senior Cohousing offers the best of both worlds.  Your own home and outside space where your privacy and need for independence is respected, with the ‘common house’ and shared garden for when you welcome company.  

Cohousing offers particular benefits to those in the second half of life: the opportunity to remain active, companionship with autonomy, a sense of belonging, cheaper living through shared costs, and mutual support amongst one’s peers.

We see cohousing as a great way to grow older without being isolated and to live in a mutually supportive community without the institutional aspects so common in senior housing.  You can find out more in our Prospectus.  Although slightly out of date now, it gives a good insight into our thinking and motivations for a senior cohousing community.

Cohousing for older people is common in Denmark, the Netherlands, the US and increasingly in Canada. It is incorporated as an option in the national housing policies of Denmark and the Netherlands.  In the UK, the new Older Women’s Cohousing community in London has led the way.  You an find out more about cohousing generally on the UK Cohousing Network‘s website.