Our Values

  • Respect for each other – promoting goodwill and trust, treating each other with consideration as equals, and accepting each other as we are.
  • Personal responsibility – with everyone contributing albeit in different ways at different times, according to our gifts and experience.
  • Fostering good relationships – seeking ways to be considerately truthful, to listen hard and communicate gently.
  • Diversity – we welcome people from all backgrounds and support principles of equality and inclusion.
  • Decision-making – we want everyone to have a voice and be heard and respected. We are developing a decision-making process which will be transparent and clear, take into account everyone’s view and get things done. We do not want to spend our time in endless meetings.
  • Integration – we aim to make a positive contribution socially and culturally to the life of the wider community: our neighbours in the Love Wolverton development, in Wolverton town and Milton Keynes.
  • Sustainable – we want our way of life to be eco friendly with low energy homes, as much natural light as possible and sharing resources. Some of us will want to grow our own food.
  • Affordable homes – our group includes people in very different financial circumstances and it is important to us to include units for affordable rent as well as homes for owner-occupation.