Senior cohousing

Whilst we hope to build a vibrant community with people of all ages, including some families,the primary purpose of Still Green is to provide a positive alternative to the living arrangements currently available to those aged fifty-five plus. Cohousing offers particular benefits to those in the second half of life: security and mutual support amongst one’s peers, the opportunity to remain active, companionship with autonomy, a sense of belonging and cheaper living through shared costs.   Cohousing for older people is common in Denmark, the Netherlands and the US. It is incorporated as an option in the national housing policies of Denmark and the Netherlands.  Descriptions of three senior cohousing schemes in the Netherlands can be found in the “visits” section of the website.

Critical to the success of Cohousing is that residents have a spread of ages and it is anticipated that the majority of the households will have one resident over 55.  We hope that the scheme as a whole will include younger people and families  but that there will be a majority of older people from 55+ to 90+.

Rob & Ruth at 26 TFF


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