Milton Keynes

We are delighted to be moving to Wolverton, one of a number of towns that form part of  Milton Keynes, England.  Wolverton is located at the northern edge of Milton Keynes, between Stony Stratford and Newport Pagnell.

Although our founding members lived in Milton Keynes our membership is now more diverse, our group is made up of both local residents and those who have joined from far and wide.

Milton Keynes has a strong history of community-led housing. Several housing co-ops were set up in the early years of Milton Keynes. One of them, the Rainbow Housing Co-operative, founded 40 years ago in old railway cottages is formed on cohousing principles. rainbow coop

The current MK Council members and officers are supportive of community-led housing and a few years ago we were offered a site owned by Milton Keynes Development Partnership (the Council’s land development agency). We developed a costed design for a mixed-tenure development of about 25 homes: apartments and houses, including affordable homes. Site complications and insufficient members ready to commit to the development meant we could not proceed to purchase. It was a near miss – we learned a lot and emerged with our credibility intact and we are delighted now finally to have a site in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes is still growing and still young in spirit and we are looking forward to our community being part of it.


Still Green Members exploring the Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve

Here are just some of what our members’ like about Milton Keynes:

  • Walking and cycling on the Redway paths through the very extensive parks, beside streams, the canal and lakes.
  • A very active civil society – including Citizens:mk, Wolverton Urb Farm, Transition Town MK, a vigorous U3A, numerous choirs, dance centres and two excellent museums (one the nationally known Bletchley Park, home of the World War Two codebreakers).
  • An ecumenical and inter-faith success story – including the city-centre Christ the Cornerstone Church, the Quaker Centre (where Still Green was born), a synagogue, gurdwaras, a Hindu centre, mosques, a Buddhist temple, a stone circle beside Willen Lake (a Millennium project).
  • The market towns of Stony Stratford, Wolverton, Newport Pagnell and Bletchley, with their independent shops, local activities and festivals, as well as our modern city centre.
  • The showcasing of historical sites across the new city.
  • A lively arts scene – including not just the city centre Milton Keynes Theatre and The Gallery, but public art across the city, independent cinemas, The Stables (the renowned music venue) and Arts Central (an incubator of young arts-based enterprise).
  • Destination MK has a new website, Lots to explore there: you might enjoy 101 facts about MK 
  • MK Living Archive at: including the video and song “Now Wolverton’s a Place”