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Meet some of our members

Rob Paton

Rob Paton

I was born in Africa, schooled in Edinburgh, studied in different places, and finally moved with my wife Jo to Milton Keynes in 1977.  We raised our family here and I worked at the Open University for 40 years. It always provided opportunities for interesting and satisfying work (and I could change my job without changing my employer).  I retired in the autumn of 2015 and am enjoying a life with less responsibility and fewer deadlines.   That said, my life is still infested with Much Busyness, not least as we grapple with down-sizing.   Travelling, grand-parenting, occasional writing, gardening and other contemplative activities in and around our Quaker meeting quickly fill the days.  And, of course, helping Still Green to become a reality and a place to enjoy!

Wayne Borden

Wayne photo

I was born in an interdependent rural Community in Canada. I managed to turn my background in Agriculture into a career as a Rural Development Consultant that took me to many parts of the world. On my travels I met Jenny and we eventually settled in the UK. Now that I have reached the age of maturity I have given up my day job to focus on participating in the establishment of an interdependent community in which to spend the rest of my life; one that continues to offer me responsible independence, challenge and adventure.

Jenny Borden

Jenny Head Shot

Jenny was born in Somerset but has mainly lived her adult life in London. She has worked in international development starting as a VSO teacher in Malawi. Most of her career was spent with Christian Aid, which involved travel to over 50 countries. She is on the Board of Traidcraft, and on the Foundation Council for Crown Agents, and does occasional consultancies, but now considers herself semi-retired.

Jenny is married to Wayne who she met in Africa. Together they enjoy travelling, hill walking in the Lake District, and going out to films, the theatre and dinners together.

Ines Russell

Ines photo (1)

Ines moved to live and work in Milton Keynes at the beginning of 2005. She spent the first 20 years of her life in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has also lived in Botswana. Trained in accountancy, she has worked for the Salvation Army, in a bank, for Christian Aid and for the NHS. By the time she retired in 2009, she knew she wanted to remain in MK. Divorced, with two married sons and 7 grandchildren, she looks forward to life in a comfortable, easy to heat flat, in the company of friendly neighbours.

Alice Maynard

imageI’ve lived in Milton Keynes for over 15 years. I originally moved up here because of my job – it was the first place up the railway line from Euston where I was going to be working that we were prepared to live and could afford! I thought it was temporary, but came to love the place and decided a few years back that Milton Keynes is where I want to stay. So I rebuilt my house around me to suit my needs. This is why I’m a supporting member, and don’t currently intend to join the neighbourhood.

Clare Scott

Clare ScottClare has lived ‘in community’ for most of her adult life, including an ecumenical community which ran a conference/retreat centre in a Tudor mansion in Suffolk, a ‘compound’ (several families/individuals living within a shared space) in DR Congo, ‘Urban Village’ an intentional community in California and The Well at Willen. Clare encountered co-housing in the USA and enthusiastically joined Still Green soon after starting to attend MK Quakers. She is currently in Leicester training to be a speech therapist, where she is also active in the local cycling campaign group and a member of the socialist choir ‘Red Leicester’.