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Still Green is incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by guarantee.  Its registered Company Number is 09116961.  The company’s objects are:

“…to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to expand the choices for housing and good neighbourliness among those aged over 50 years by establishing and providing a co-housing scheme in which members may live and by sharing the experience of doing so with other interested persons.”

Our Articles of Association enable us to operate initially as a developer and thereafter as a distinctive type of Residents Association.

The Board of Still Green meets monthly and a General Meeting of all members takes place at least every two months on a Saturday, and often monthly.  There are also social events, which enable members to get to know one another.  Between general meetings work is progressed by small groups, and our Action group meets every other week.

Still Green’s vision is to create two vibrant, highly sustainable, socially inclusive and self-reliant cohousing communities, which are focused on the needs of people with the whole range of ages from 50 upwards. one will be in Graven Hill, Bicester and the other in Milton Keynes.

We aspire to have homes designed with us and not for us; to create two green developments with gardens and trees and a high standard of sustainability; to be mixed tenure communities including people in different financial circumstances in rented and shared ownership units as well as for purchase; to be about more than buildings with continuing good neighbourliness and shared responsibility for common ground and facilities; and in due course to share our experiences with others.

Those joining Still Green are embracing cohousing (find out more from the UK cohousing network at http://www.cohousing.org.uk) where residents live in their individual dwellings and also share some facilities, especially a ‘Common House’ and gardens. The scheme particularly aims to provide a positive alternative to the limited choice of living arrangements currently available to people aged fifty plus and to provide mutual support, deepening friendships and the possibility to live independently for as long as possible.

Still Green currently has 27 members of whom 18 are potential residents.

We have a wide range of interests and backgrounds. We have worked for different charities, been administrators, researchers, have taught in schools and universities, IMG_0028worked in IT and journalism or for ourselves.

Some members are still in full-time work.  Others are already retired and are heavily involved in the work of charities (both in this country and overseas), some volunteer with local organisations including the Citizens MK movement, help with childcare, and maintain links with previous work. We have a wide range of hobbies and interests.

Some of us are involved in Milton Keynes and other Quaker meetings which are a lively and growing worshiping group , others attend their local churches and of course some are not involved in any religious group.



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