Welcome to Still Green

Still Green is a lively group of people which has been working together to create an “intentional neighbourhood” since 2010. We are committed to living as sustainably as possible in mutually-supportive co-housing communities. We will build all the dwellings to a very high eco specification. We are aiming to create communities with singles and couples of all genders and ethnicities aged fifty and over. As it will take time to build please apply even if you are a few years too young.

While our initial intention was to be located in Milton Keynes, we have had difficulty identifying a suitable site. We have now set up two sub-groups within the project: one is continuing to look at possibilities of building in Milton Keynes, while the other is looking at an alternative option at the new Graven Hill Village self/custom-build development in Bicester (see our Graven Hill page for more details).

In co-housing communities, members live in their own space (either bought outright or rented) with some shared indoor and outdoor spaces. To find out more about the concept of co-housing, go to our Co-housing pages  or read our full Prospectus for more detailed information. You may find it interesting to look at the New Ground cohousing website. Our main difference from New Ground is that we are catering for men and women.

Our next Enquirers’ meetings for those who are interested in finding out more about Still Green and Senior Co-housing are on Saturdays February 17th, March 17th and May 29th 2018.

February 17th is an extra meeting as we should have some important developments by then.

If you would like to attend one of these meetings, please email us at stillgreenweb@gmail.com for details.

General Meetings are held regularly.