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Join Still Green Cohousing, Milton Keynes & Bicester for a future of independent living in a mutually supportive community of like-minded people aged 50+. If you are reading this, chances are you’re looking for the kind of community or retirement housing where your need for independence is respected, where you live in your own self-contained dwelling but have the opportunity to socialise close at hand, with a “common house” within the community for shared meals, celebrations and recreational activities. We see it as a great way to grow older without being isolated and to live in a mutually supportive community without the institutional aspects so common in senior housing.

For a more detailed description please click this link to download our prospectus

The prospectus was updated August 2016. Since then we have formed two subgroups, one for Bicester and one for Milton Keynes. If you want to know more, please see the Bicester and Milton Keynes pages in the main menu.

GH Drawing

Here’s our architect’s latest drawing of the possible development of one of the sites we are negotiating for. It would be part of a large sustainable self-build community housing development. It includes a circular Common House and approximately 25 – 30 sustainable private dwellings including apartments and houses. It would sit by a park with a lake and includes gardens, storage and parking. We are looking at range of options, including apartments, a mix of apartments and houses and a terrace of houses with one of the dwellings as a common house.